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You'll be surprised by Shetland; the islands (all 114 of them) are home to a large number of visitor attractions, point of interest, rare wildlife and, simply put. stunning scenery.  When you arrive, just tell us what your interests are and we'll give you the

local knowledge you need to make the most of your day.


Shetland Attractions

Here we provide you with some information about activities to do and places to visit while in Shetland. There is something to suit everyone whether you have a specific interest or just wish to explore and see what Shetland has to offer. is the main tourism website for Shetland and contains lists and links of things to do, events and how to plan your trip.


Lerwick, Shetland's capital

· Lodberries -  The shore is lined by the houses, stores and piers which are collectively called lodberries (from the Norse, "hlad berg" = flat stone)

· Bod of Gremista -  An 18th century fishing böd, located on the outskirts of Lerwick, was the birthplace of Arthur Anderson, co-founder of the P&O shipping company

· Shetland Textile Working Museum - located in the Bod of Gremista

· Shetland Museum & Archives and Hays Dock Café Restaurant

· Mareel Cinema and Music Venue

· Clickimin Broch  -Is located in south Lerwick and is easily accessible.  A good example of a broch tower with associated secondary buildings of Iron Age date.

· Up Helly Aa exhibition -. Taste of the celebrated Fire Festival showing a replica galley, costumes, shields, paintings, photos and video which make up this unique festival 

· Dim Riv - replica longship that sails on Wednesday nights from small boat harbour

· Fort Charlotte

· Lerwick Town Hall

· King Harald Street Flower park & play park

· Clickimin Leisure Centre

· Sands of Sound beach

· Walk the coastline past the Lodberries and around the Knab (pitch & putt - 9 holes) to Breiwick Sound.



· Shetland Ponies

· Beach

· Children's play park



· Scalloway Castle built in 1600 by Earl Patrick Stewart

· North Atlantic Fisheries College

· Boat trips to Foula, Hildasay, Oxna, Papa and South Havra by Cycharters Ltd

· Scalloway Museum - special ‘Shetland Bus’ exhibition

· Leisure Centre



· Asta Golf Club - an easily accessible nine hole course

· Tingwall airport - inter-island flights to Foula, Fair Isle, Papa Stour and Out



· Loch of Strand - good for sea and brown trout fishing

· Shetland Ponies



· Burland Croft Trail - the opportunity to walk around a traditional working croft and to meet and feed native animals.Open May-Sept, Monday  - Saturday.



· Easthouse crofthouse - This renovated croft house is a heritage centre, housing photographic exhibitions and other summer dislplays. Open in the summer months, Sunday 2-5pm

· Burra Bears workshop where the Shetland teddy bears are made

· Meal & Banna Minn Beaches - beautiful white sand



· Bressay Heritage Centre - Annual summer exhibition  of the historic and natural heritage of the island of Bressay.  Also the local information point.  Open May - September

· Northern Lights Holistic Spa

· Shetland Sea Charters -Daily boat trips around Bressay and Noss

· Thule Charters -Marine sightseeing and wildlife tours

· Noss Nature Reserve - Walk around this spectacular island and witness the amazing cliffs of 'Da Noup', home to thousands of seabirds.  Inflatable boat from Bressay.  Open mid April - end August. No dogs allowed


North Isles

To Access the North Isles you need to use the Inter-Island Ferries. To see the timteable please click here.

Why not take one of the later ferries and enjoy what the Islands have to offer.



· Old Haa - built in 1672 natural history and local history displays, art gallery, walled garden, coffee shop with home bakes and craft shop Open end April - end September (closed Mon and Wed).

· A great place to spot otters.

· Sandy beaches at Breckon, Gossabrough, Hamnavoe and West Sandwick

· ‘White Wife’ at Otterswick, figurehead from German Bohus wrecked in 1924

· ASF Shetland, formerly Ann Sutton Foundation, is a weave studio. Open from May to September (except Saturdays),

· Bayanne House - geneology, textile art, archaeology. Closed Mondays.

· Gloup Disaster Memorial

· Leisure Centre


Unst (Britain’s most northerly island and home to one third of our Shetland Ponies)

· Belmont House built in 1775

· Viking Unst - Discover our Viking past in Shetland's most northerly isle.  Excavated Longhouse sites, a full size replica Viking longship, living history, and Viking events and activities throughout the summer.

· Muness Castle built in 1598 for Lawrence Bruce

· Bordastubble - Shetland’s largest standing stone

· Lund - beach and St Olaf’s Chapel

· Valhalla Brewery - Valhalla is the UK's most northerly brewery, producing a range of fine Shetland ales. Open all year round, with weekday tours available between 2-4pm (prior booking is essential). Gift shop also available.

· Bobby’s Bus Shelter

· Keen of Hamar Nature Reserve - largest example of serpentine debris in Britain

· Hermaness Nature Reserve - 100,000 breeding birds - puffins, gannets and skuas.  Spectacular coastal scenery includes views over Muckle Flugga and Out Stack - Scotland's most northerly point. The reserve is open all year and any time.  The visitor centre, which is housed in Shore Station near the reserve entrance, is open April - August, weekdays approx 9am-6pm.

· Unst Heritage Centre-The history of Unst through displays depicting crofting, fishing, geology and unique examples of spinning and fine lace knitting, as well as information on family history.  Open May - September

· Unst Boat Haven -exhibition of over 20 small Shetland boats on its replica beach,

· Foords Chocolate Factory

· Norwick Beach

· Britain’s most northerly house at Skaw

· WWII Radar site at Skaw - redundant buildings

· Boat trips to Muckle Flugga

· Leisure Centre


Fetlar - The Garden of Shetland

· Brough Lodge built around 1820 for Arthur Nicolson

· Interpretative Centre - local exhibitions on Fetlar’s history and wildlife

· Good sandy beaches at Tresta and Sands of Sand

· Mires of Funzie - RSPB Nature Reserve - see the Red necked Phalaropes

· Finnigert Dyke - Bronze age wall cutting north and south of isle in half.



· Mavis Grind - gate of the narrow isthmus, 100 yard strip separating the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea

· Northmavine Charters Fishing trips for groups or individuals.

· Site of the ‘Gunnister Man’ discovery

· Oily Muggie craft and gift shop

· Back Sands Ollaberry

· Eshaness Lighthouse, black volcanic cliffs & viewpoints

· Breiwick café  Set in a picturesque location. Open March-December. Closed Tuesday & Wednesday.

· Tangwick Haa, 18th century manor house, small museum

· Ronas Hill - Shetland’s highest hill

· North Roe - ‘Da Nort Trow Community Gairden’

· Leisure Centre


Lunnasting and Delting

· Lunna House

· The Cabin - Vidlin - Exhibits of whaling, and the two world wars.



To get to Whalsay you need to catch an inter-island ferry. It departs from Laxo or Vidlin (30 minute drive from Lerwick) and takes 25 minutes.

· Pier House - restrored Hanseatic Bod used by German Merchants

· Whalsay Golf Club - Britains most northetly 18 hole golf course with stunning views.

· Leisure Centre



· Bonhoga Gallery - Former grain mill housing Shetland's first purpose-built gallery, showing local, national and international exhibitions of art and craft.  Also cafe and gallery shop.  Open year round (closed Mon).

· Weisdale Community Garden - created by locals and the Beechgrove Garden

· Shetland Jewellery workshop - see silver and gold jewellery being produced, coffee shop

· Lea Gardens, Tresta

· Michaelswood, Aith

· Da Gairdins i Sand

· Shetland Cheese Ltd, Skeld - visit the factory and taste their cheese

· Bakers Rest Walls

· Burrastow House Walls - food made using the best ingredients including local lamb, fish and seafood.

· Thordale Stud & Driving Centre

· Sandness Woolen Mill - visit the mill to see pure Shetland fleeces being made into finest quality yarns.

· Leisure Centre



· Shetland Designer - knitwear - contemporary, classic and traditional

· Barbara Isbister Knitwear - traditional Shetland garments



· Boat trips to Mousa - normally from Sandsayre Pier, alternative is Aithsvoe in Cunningsburgh.

· Sandwick Community Garden - an interesting nature trail

· Hoswick Visitors Centre - historic displays and refreshments

· Hoswick Woollen Mill - Laurence Odie (Knitwear) Ltd mill shop

· Neilanell’s Design Studio - workshops in spinning, dyeing or felting

· Leisure Centre



· Mousa Broch - best preserved iron age broch in the world

· RSPB Nature Reserve - visit at night to see the storm petrels (seasonal)



· St Ninian’s Isle - pictish silver was discovered in 1958.

· Get to the isle by crossing the best tombola in Europe


Loch of Spiggie

· RSPB Nature Reserve - winter- wildfowl, autumn-ducks & whooper swans 



· Quendale Water Mill - built in 1867, agricultural tools, machinery and photos

· Quendale beach - Shetland’s longest beach, a mile long.



· Croft House Museum - built in 1830 crofting in the past



· Jarlshof - dates back 3000 years, from Neolithic dwellings to a 16thcentury lairds house

· Old Scatness Broch and Iron Age Village - brings to life what Shetland was like over 2000 years ago

. Sumburgh Head Nature Reserve impressive seabird colony - You can view the puffins and other birds on the Puffin Cam.

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